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3 & 1/2 Questions: Gemma Correll


3 & 1/2 Questions: Gemma Correll


HI Doodlers! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Gemma Correll as our guest on 3 & 1/2 Questions! I have been a fan of her funny cards and comics for a few years. She is one of those artists I admire online, and think, how cool would it be to have them for a friend?


Gemma Correll, witty worrier and pug lover, has a series of doodling books from Walter Foster Publishing: Doodling for Dog PeopleDoodling for Cat PeopleDoodling for Fashionistas, and Doodling for Foodies. We asked her about her upcoming Doodling for Tree Huggers & Nature Lovers (due out next month! Download a couple of doodling pages from Gemma’s book here.)


How did you “research” this book? (Did you take many camping trips?)

I live in an area of England surrounded by countryside, so it was quite easy for me to go out and hike in nature. I must admit that I didn’t take any camping trips, although I have done in the past. I also thought back to my days as a Brownie and a Girl Guide, and the camping trips I went on as a child. We went on a lot of family holidays to Scotland, which involved lots of hiking and walking in nature (and in the rain!) — Also, I’m lucky to live near the coast here in Norwich, so I was able to go and look at shells and sea life in person.


How is drawing outdoors different than drawing indoors?

Well, there’s the weather to contend with (especially here in the UK!) — also, there are more opportunities to draw from real life, which is always better than drawing from photos. When drawing outdoors, you learn to draw quickly and without worrying too much about mistakes, because you never know when the squirrel is going to move / when it’s going to start pouring down with rain.


How did you get the bear to pose for the cover? What song is he playing?

I had to bribe him with fudge. He’s playing something he wrote himself. Did you know that bears are very talented composers? Although they struggle to pluck the guitar strings since their paws are so big.


Please complete this sentence:  I like to draw ____.

a pug

Thanks so much Gemma Correll! Don’t forget to check out Gemma’s Four Eyes comics at GoComics and medium.

All images by Gemma Correll, courtesy of the artist


Maybe the next best thing to having Gemma as a pal is doodling with her. Enter your drawing in our “Feature with a Creature” show and you could win one of her books below, compliments of Walter Foster Publishing (BIG THANKS)!



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  • All good but that first one Anatomy Of A Pug Owner cracked me up LOL

    Have a pugtastic day 🙂

    • lana

      You should see Gemma’s other work. She’s hilarious.

  • Cute! Thanks for linking up at the Talbert Zoo. Have a great week.

    • lana

      Thanks! You too Cascia! See you again soon.

  • pioneerpat1

    Love all the drawings.

    • lana

      Thanks for always visiting us Pioneer Pat

  • budgetjan

    So funny. I sent my daughter the link to your blog (she’s an artist too 🙂 )

    • lana

      Thanks for sharing Budgetjan!

  • Ruth Rieckehoff

    This cartoons / doodles are so funny (and creative). The pugs are cool too. I should get the Doodling for Foodies book.

    • lana

      HI Ruth, did you know we’re giving one away? Well, it’s open to small humans who enter our Feature with a Creature show. But we will be giving one of her books away on twitter too.

  • How much fun is this? You always share things that inspire me.

    Thank you for joining us for Photo Friday again this week!

    • lana

      I’m glad, Jen! Thanks for having me. Cheers, Lana

  • I’m leading a group of Girl Scouts this year and was just thinking about how I can get them excited about camping. This book might be the key. I love the drawings. I need to have my kids do something for Feature with a Creature.

    • lana

      What a brilliant idea Michele! The Tree Huggers book comes out Sep 21. And we would LOVE it if your kids submitted a drawing for Feature with a Creature! Cheers, Lana