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3 & 1/2 Questions : Moomooi

3 & 1/2 Questions : Meredith Wing of Moomooi


In honor of Fashion Week(s) we wanted to share these gorgeous illustrations by Meredith Wing, aka Moomooi. Meredith uses natural materials such as flowers, leaves, and sometimes vegetables in her drawings of chic models. Her glamorous clients include CocoKind skincare, Soho House, Town & Country, and Coach.

Meredith contributed to our Exquisite Story last year, and we’re so lucky we caught her for 3 & 1/2 Questions.

How did your process of working with flowers and natural materials begin?

My husband and I were bored during a layover and had a pack of Chiclet gum that I made into a handbag and posted it on instagram — people loved it! I started using fresh flowers and other natural materials that had a bit more textural interest than gum . . . the encouragement grew and so did my motivation to get creative — so @moomooi was born!


What has been your favorite natural material to “doodle” with?

My favorite natural material to doodle with is Garden Roses because they are just so dense and gorgeous.



Was there any material that wasn’t easy to work with?

Working with fruit is very hard, as it stains!


Please complete this sentence: My favorite thing to draw is ____.

a girl on a stroll, her head in the clouds . . .

PS. We also asked Meredith if “moomooi” had a special meaning.

“I learned that “mooi” means beauty in Dutch — but actually didn’t know this in the beginning. It is really just playful and fun, like I hope my illustrations are perceived.” — Meredith Wing



Thanks again for being our guest, Meredith!

All images courtesy of Meredith Wing. Follow her on instagram.


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