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Welcome to Kid Can Doodle, a club that celebrates creativity through drawing.
We hope to inspire you and your kids to draw, and nurture your inner artist.

Do you like to draw with crayons?

mr rogers draw with crayons

I’m not very good at it.

mr rogers not very good

But it doesn’t matter.

mr rogers it doesnt matter

It’s the fun of doing it that’s important.

mr rogers fun of doing it

It feels good to have made something.

mr rogers feels good to make something

The best thing is that each person’s would be different.

mr rogers best thing individuality

In a way, you’ve already won in this world.

mr rogers you've already won

Because you’re the only one who can be you.

mr rogers because you're the only you

That’s Mr Rogers talking about drawing — it doesn’t matter how well you draw; it’s an expression of yourself that only you can make, which makes it special. It’s an excerpt from Mr Roger’s Neighborhood (a show that I grew up with and adored) shared by author Austin Kleon that I think perfectly illustrates our philosophy at Kid Can Doodle.

At KCD, we believe that everyone can draw! We “learn” to draw before we learn how to write. Developing one’s own unique voice is more important than achieving photo-realism; like handwriting, everyone’s style is unique. Drawing is a skill that improves with practice and maturity. It helps develop hand-and-eye coordination, improves observational skills, memory, and visual literacy. Want to help improve your kids’ writing? , Senior Lecturer of Language and Literacy at University of Canberra, says “Let them draw!” (spoiler: It can help with other academics too.) Author Philip Pullman agrees, “We need to encourage children to look — really look and capture what they see.” {from The Guardian Family, May 14 2016}

Also check out one of our favorite interviews with Laura Carlin, whose book A World of Your Own perfectly illustrates our doodle philosophy.

Come draw with us!




Kid Can Doodle is created by Lana Lê (aka woolypear), with Little Dude and Paul Gleave.

“I started Kid Can Doodle because I loved seeing kids’ doodles. Children are naturally creative and confident in drawing; it’s reflected in the sense of wonder and honesty that they bring to their drawings.”

– Lana


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