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Artist Draws with Sunshine


Jordan Mang-osan, a Filipino “solar” artist, creates amazingly detailed drawings using a magnifying glass and the powerful rays of the sun. As a kid, we’ve all experimented with burning things with an eye glass, but what if we tried etching an image instead? Jordan Mang-osan does just that — he focuses the sun’s rays onto a large wooden canvas. Mang-osan’s burned art originals often depict cultural or historic life of his Igorot people from Cordillera Central, a massive mountainous region on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines.




Here are some recent photos of a solar drawing workshop from Mang-osan’s Facebook page. I bet the technique takes a great deal of patience, but might be the perfect lazy-day summer drawing activity.



trythisParental supervision is recommended for this project. Ask your parents for a magnifying glass and a flat piece of thin wood, from an art, craft, or hardware store. Lightly sketch onto the board your drawing design. Go outside and find a wide open space, such as a driveway or sidewalk, not too close to items that may catch fire. Place the wooden board on the ground, and start first in the corner of the board, concentrating the sun’s rays with the glass onto the wood. When you get the hang of it, try tracing your outlined drawing with the sun. Please make sure your parents are nearby because the sun’s rays are powerful and will burn! Proceed with caution.


Story and images via Bored Panda and Jordan Mang-osan



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