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Chuck Jones draws Bugs Bunny

Above is Mr Jones drawing one of his most enduringly popular characters. This clip is from the 1991 documentary Chuck Amuck: The Movie.
In the video, “Chuck Jones: Extremes and in Betweens – A Life in Animation” (2000), a televised biography that was part of PBS’ “Great Performances” series, Mr Jones credits his parents as the reason he became an artist/animator. He explains that his “mother believed that children could do no wrong, and never criticized [their] drawings.” His father, who moved from job to job, accumulated mass quantities of stationery and pencils from each job and asked his kids to use them up. As a result, Mr Jones drew quite a bit. Later his father enrolled him in the Chouinard Art Institute (now California Institute of the Arts).


Screenshot 2015-03-31 21.15.44

My name is Wile E. Coyote — Genius
Original watercolor on Arches paper, 14″ x 11″, by Chuck Jones circa 1995.


When I was seven, I made my grandma wake me up at 5:30 am every morning so I could watch “The Bugs Bunny & Road Runner Show.” It was my favorite show. With Easter in mind, we’re honoring our favorite “wascally wabbit.” We selected a few favorite stills and sketches from Bugs’ creator/director’s official Tumblr of Chuck Jones.

Bugs was so shrewd, always outsmarting Elmer Fudd.

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“A Wild Hare” directed by Tex Avery and released in theaters on July 27, 1940.
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We agree: he’s super!

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“Super Rabbit,” directed by Chuck Jones and released in 1943. Top, original lobby cards;
center, original layout drawing by Chuck Jones, graphite on 12 field animation paper.


Screenshot 2015-03-31 21.10.58

Design for a cut-out sign of Bugs Bunny for the front gate of Warner Bros. Studios by Chuck Jones, circa late-1940s. Graphite and colored pencil on 12 field animation paper.


via The Kids Should See This and Kotte


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