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Doodle Battle

Introducing Doodle Battle, a game based on the popular Battleship we all grew up with as kids. This one was created by our resident artist Dylan, aka Little Dude, and inspired by one of his favorite books, Tom Gates.


This is Dylan’s sketch above. I’ve adapted it and created a download for you to play! Ask a friend to join you.

To Play

(for 2 players)

  1. Doodle at least 5 characters in your grid game card, but no more than 10. Both players should have the same amount of characters on their cards.
  2. Make sure to keep your game board positions hidden from your opponent.
  3. Allow the younger player (Player 1) to go first, by calling out a letter and a number corresponding to a position on the game card. Player 1 marks that box on his/her own card with an X, to record that that box has been called.
  4. Player 2 answers with “hit” or “miss”. If there was a successful “hit”, Player 2 should scribble out that box/character with a RED color.
  5. The winner is the first person to “hit” all of his opponent’s characters.

Click here to download a grid game card to play. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite childhood game?


Please note that by downloading Doodle Battle, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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  • Jessica Fiorillo

    Cool, thanks so much for sharing. 🙂
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

    • lana

      Back atcha Jessica! You’re the BEST!

  • Kelleyn Rothaermel

    Thanks for sharing as my 8 year old would love this site! He loves to doodle!

    • lana

      Hi Kelleyn! Hope to see his doodles in a future doodle show! Cheers!

  • pioneerpat1

    Cribbage was my favorite game and I still play

    • lana

      I’ve never played Pioneer Pat! You’ll have to show me one day. 🙂

  • John Roberts

    This looks like a great game for all ages. I love that the participants are required to truly engage the game and not just move pieces around a board. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • lana

      Hi John! It’s a good one to take to restaurants or doctor’s visits, when you’re waiting around. Cheers!

  • Ohmigosh! What fun! I think I’m going to have to use this with my kids in class when we have some down time. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Photo Friday! (sorry it took so long to get to you -those kids have been crazy this week)

    • lana

      thanks for your continued support Jen!