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Doodle Bomber : Amber Wheeler

Ethan top hat


Introducing Doodle Bomber : Amber Wheeler


Do you remember seeing Amber Wheeler’s fantastic doodle bombs of her baby Ethan a few years ago? They were an internet sensation. Blogged by Huffington Post, Bored Panda, and The Stir, the Minnesota Mom’s doodles delighted us all. We loved that with a digital pen, Amber turned her son into


a ninja



a cowboy



a farmer



a bathing beauty


Ethan_punk rocker

a metalhead



a superhero



an astronaut



a sea explorer



a rockstar


I think these pictures were so popular because like baby Ethan, we all aspire to greatness, and these images embodied that hope. And because doodle bombing is just silly.


Images via Amber Wheeler


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  • pioneerpat1

    Very nice work.

    • lana

      Thanks for your continued support Pioneer Pat!

  • omg these are hilarious and awesome!!

  • Pat Kumicich

    so clever – love each one!

  • Erin Elizabeth Beaupre

    LOVE these! 😉 Ethan is so cute and his mom is obviously awesome!

  • Nique85

    Haha! I love these! How cute! She is so talented! I really love this doodle bomber series!

  • Samantha

    OMG! That baby cowboy is the CUTEST!!!

  • Tori Hamilton

    It’s so amazing what a lot of imagination, creativity and some computer skills can do!