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Doodle Bomber : Ana Strumpf


Meet pro doodle bomber Ana Strumpf




Ana Strumpf, a designer and illustrator, is the creator and doodle bomber behind Re.Cover, an exhibit of doodled magazine covers using Sharpie and DecoColor markers.

Re.Cover grew out of Ana’s habit of doodling on magazines during meetings, and reflects her philosophy to “recreate, revisit, and recompose.”


As a girl, Ana wanted to become a painter, and has always loved drawing. I think it shows in her colorful doodles; they express a child-like sense of joy, and remind me of doodling on Peechee folders in school.










Ana’s covers were the inspiration for our own Doodlebomb show. We hope they inspire you to try doodle bombing too. Share your doodle bomb with us and you could win 10 imaginative doodle books on our list.

All images © Ana Strumpf


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  • Erin Elizabeth Beaupre

    I absolutely love this doodle bomber because I have a lifelong love of magazines!!! What a cool choice of inspiration 🙂

  • Oh wow these are amazing!

  • Samantha

    Magazines are a total guilty pleasure, and I LOVE them covered in doodles! 🙂

  • They look brilliant and some funny too heheh!

    Have a doodletastic week 🙂

  • Very interesting and creative artwork.

  • Merlinda Little

    Amazing and what a nice idea. I hope she doesnt mind but I am so going to do this tonight!

    • lana

      Great idea! Hope you get your son involved too!

  • Nique85

    These are so beautiful! What a talented artist!

  • Tori Hamilton

    Wow, I wish I was that creative! I am loving this doodle-bombing series, Lana!

    • lana

      Thanks Tori! Wait till you see who we have next week!

  • Those are some amazing creations! I wish I had half that talent at least.

    • lana

      I bet you do! Do sell yourself short 🙂

  • What fun! You have created something magical here. I hope you will be able to share your creations at my new link party Sweet Inspiration which runs Friday till Tuesday