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a Doodle a Day


Hope you had a lovely holiday. This year, I’ve decided to keep a doodle diary, and I was hoping you’d want to play along with me. The challenge will be to draw each day!

Here’s our first entry. Grab some paper (or ideally, ask mom for a visual diary or drawing pad). Use your favorite crayon or soft (B) pencil. To start, loosen up by doing some quick gesture drawings or sketches. I used my cat Jimmie as the subject here:


Indicate his head with an oval:


Then loosely draw a shape for his body:

dad2Sketch his paws/fore legs:


Add the rest of him:

dad4Don’t erase! It’s OK to sketch it several times, if you want to practice, but the idea is to be quick and not dilly-dally with details. Stay loose and free.

You may have noticed that I added the other ear because I thought it looked strange without it. Feel free to substitute another model or draw Jimmie too!