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Doodle Halves download

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Doodle Halves download created by @EmilDrawing


This Doodle Halves download comes to us from 11 year-old Emil de Graaf, an avid doodler, and his clever mom. To inspire her talented son to create, Emil’s mom cropped photos she found and challenged him to doodle-bomb* the missing half.

dogs and cats cropped

image before (above)


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Emil’s doodle-bombed image


We discovered Emil’s excellent drawings on instagram and asked him if he would share them with our kidcandoodle community and we’re so happy he agreed!

image before (above)


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Emil’s doodle-bombed image


Click here to download the Doodle Halves pages for you to doodle-bomb*. Please note that by downloading, you agree to our terms.

Psst… If you’re a member of our doodle club (join at the top of our webpage), you would have received extra pages. Enjoy!

Check out more of Emil’s drawings on his instagram.

*Doodle-bomb means doodling on top of another image, such as a magazine or newspaper photo. See our Doodle Bomb gallery, features on doodle bombers: Steph Dillon, mirrorsme, Claudi Kessels, or Ana Strumpf.


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  • Buckeroomama

    Oh, these are so fun!

    • Thanks Buckeroomama! (great name!)

  • Oh, this looks like so much fun! Keep getting ides from you for my classes. The kids are going to love this. #PhotoFriday

    • Thanks Ruth! It’s lovely to hear that. Cheers!

  • Kelleyn Rothaermel

    What great fun! Love it!

  • What a funny and fun idea! Thanks for linking on Amanda’s Books and More!

  • Such a fun idea! Love the finish doodle art types.

  • Loved this idea.