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Doodler Plays with Paper

Copenhagen-based HuskMitNavn’s inventive use of paper makes his drawings come alive. As you can see below, the artist transforms a piece of paper from a flat sheet to a dimensional canvas by folding, crumpling, tearing, and rolling. It’s an imaginative way to integrate the page into the piece of art. Take a look:










I like his sense of humor and playful approach to drawing. See more of the artist’s work here.

trythisTake a sheet of paper and fold a corner. What do you see? A kite? A cliff? A hat? What if you roll a piece of paper into a cone? Can you imagine it as a tunnel or is it a spyglass or can of soda? Or try tearing tiny holes into it; can you picture a snowstorm or is it bits of apple that a caterpillar is eating? Experiment with combining pages together, or folding one sheet and passing it to a partner to see what he/she comes up with! I bet they will surprise you. There are infinite possibilities! Happy doodling!

All images via HuskMitNavn. Story via Lost at E Minor.


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  • pioneerpat1

    That is some really cool art work. Very nice.

  • These are just brilliant such detail too 🙂

  • Merlinda Little

    Amazing artist! He has got a quirky style =)

  • JBar

    Brilliant work.

  • heidi

    The Charlie Chaplin one is awesome! The artwork is great and it’s so much fun.

  • Dori

    Wow! These are some very cool ideas! My son loves to draw and doodle and sketch. I will most definitely share these with him. Thank you for sharing.

  • Excellent! I have seen similar art and it never fails to impress me. I can just about draw a match stickman and even that’s debatable!

  • Harriet B

    That is really cool. I wish that I could draw like that

  • travelanimalDr

    These are really neat techniques. Wow.

  • This is so cool! I am sharing it with my daughter who is passionate about cartooning.