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Dope Doodle Books : Tiny Forest of Wishes


Dope Doodle Books

There are so many great doodle books out there, we wanted to share them more frequently. We’re calling them Dope Doodle Books.

The first book we want to show you is Stephanie Dillon’s first book, Tiny Forest of Wishes. (We were already fans of Stephanie’s cool doodle bombs — remember those?) We persuaded Stephanie to tell us about her new book (that she published herself btw — well done you!).


Tiny Forest is an enchanted forest full of woodsy critters that are known for disguising themselves as the dead while mingling with the afterlife. It’s a special place where vampire acorns chuckle at their own jokes, a spirit bear helps ghost friends find their way, and trickster fox twins bring trees back to life with nothing but wishes (they are not big on hugs). You’re invited to make yourself at home in this land of magic and hope, snuggle in with your favorite coloring supplies, and add your own twist to 20 illustrations of adorably spooky flora and fauna.” — Stephanie Dillon



Tiny Forest of Wishes coloring book facts:

  • Contains 20 original illustrations by Stephanie Dillon
  • Printed in the U.S., on 70# quality paper
  • Perfect bound with a durable cover
  • Designed with a range of detail and open space to add your own doodles and embellishments

Watch Stephanie color in one of the pages below.


You can color along with Stephanie! Download the page here, and share your colored page on social media by tagging #tinyforestofwishes

All images courtesy of Stephanie Dillon. Follow her on instagram.


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