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How to Draw Bugs with Yuval Zommer

We’ve been longing for those hot, summer days in Australia lately, now that temperatures are around freezing in London. Let’s pretend it’s warm weather by doodling bugs with Yuval Zommer, author of The Big Book of Bugs, published by Thames & Hudson.


How to Draw All Kinds of Bugs (by Superfly Freddie)


Follow Freddie’s step-by-step guide:

You’ll need your favorite pencils, pens, markers, or crayons.



First draw and color some shapes on your page. (Some can be oval, or wormy shapes)



Then add the legs. How many do spiders have? Do worms have legs?



Your bug will need eyes and mouth, and maybe antennae.



Can your bugs fly? How many wings will they have?



Decorate them with dots, stripes, or hair!



Give your bugs a habitat, such as a rock or plant to climb.



Freddie and his pals love picnics. Feed them your fruit and crumbs.



I love how drawing bugs will help you take extra notice of them, the next you see them. The book is chock-full of info about creepy crawlers and flying insects. Learn how bugs show off, where they hide, their life cycles, and why they love our homes. Become an expert bug spotter with Yuval Zommer’s The Big Book of BugsPsst! get it here.


big book of bugs


PS. Big shout out to all our friends down under. We miss you!

All art copyright Yuval Zommer. Via The Guardian


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  • Brilliant again I like the bug drawings it doesn’t make them look too yukky heheh!

    • I think they have a lot of color and character 🙂 cheers Bethere2day

  • NanaHood

    My grands would love this! Thanks! Teresa from NanaHood

    • Thanks Teresa! I hope they’ll try it out. cheers, Lana

  • Nique85

    This guide makes it so easy!

    • I hope you and your doodlers will give it a go! cheers Nique 🙂

  • Clairejustineo

    What a lovely post. These are great drawings 🙂

    • Thanks Claire! cheers, Lana

  • Love how easy this is to follow.

    • It’s easy enough that most kids can do without your assistance! Cheers Julie!

  • Mother of 3

    What a cute book; a wonderful guide to drawing bugs! I found a 30 day doodle challenge I wanted to do with my boys but they were so intimidated by the idea. We’ll have to check this out.

    • Oh, that’s too bad they were intimidated. I think start slowly, and with simpler subjects is the best way to build confidence in drawing. Hope they’ll try at another date. Cheers, Lana

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