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Edward Gorey’s Illustrated Letters

floatingworldsIf you’re a fan of Edward Gorey’s wonderfully charming-creepy drawings, you’ll adore this collected correspondence between the illustrator and his editor/collaborator/friend, Peter F. Neumeyer. Floating Worlds is an intimate portrait of their friendship revealed in 75 type- and hand-written letters, 60 postcards, and 38 illustrated envelopes (9 are displayed here). The two met in 1968 and collaborated on three books: Why We Have Day and Night, Donald & the … , and Donald Has a Difficulty.

Floating Worlds is available through Pomegranate.


Postage is only 6¢ !


I’m curious about this creature that graces much of his mail.floatingworlds7FloatingWorlds_p150floatingworlds8FloatingWorlds_p44floatingworlds3

Wouldn’t you love to get mail like this? What’s fun is that they inspired a contest for envelope art—click here to check those out!

Illustrations © The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust, courtesy Pomegranate. All rights reserved.


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