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Field Notes doodle download


Field Notes doodle download


Our Field Notes doodle download was inspired by Claudi Kessels’ charming nature doodle bombs.* What began as an instagram challenge has become an iconic part of Claudi’s illustration work. We were even lucky to chat with Claudi Kessels in our 3 1/2 Questions.

*What’s a doodle bomb, you ask? Doodle bombing is when you draw over photos, magazines or newspapers. We have a Gallery Show Call for Entries called “Doodle Bomb,” and we hope to see yours!



Claudi’s doodles looked so fun, we thought that we needed to give it a go! We took some photos from our backyard, and created a doodle download for you to play along.

Click on the Field Notes image below to download. Print, then fold the page in half twice, to create a mini booklet of Field Notes doodles.


fold1 fold2

If you need more inspiration, please check out Claudi Kessels’ work here.

Please note that by downloading our Field Notes, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Artwork by Claudi Kessels is © Claudi Kessels and used by permission.


Happy Doodling!


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  • Nique85

    I love these. I get so inspired everytime I visit your blog. I wish I had drawing skills though, sadly I don’t.

    • lana

      Thanks Nique! But I believe everyone can draw! It’s like handwriting–everyone’s is different 🙂

  • Love the spring outdoors theme 🙂

  • I loved this I wished I could draw heheh!

    Have a doodletastic week 🙂

  • I used to doodle on al my notes

  • Samantha

    Oh the field notes booklet is sooooo cute!

  • NanaHood

    Love your doodles! Teresa from NanaHood

    • lana

      Cheers Teresa!

  • I feel like I haven’t doodled since college! ha!

    • lana

      Think it’s time to get back into it GiGi! (^__^)

  • First time I’m hearing of doodle bombs and I’m loving it!

    • lana

      I bet one with cat photos would be fun too!

  • Merlinda Little

    I am always amaze on how artist can add random things on their art! Like this one. So cool!

  • Erin Elizabeth Beaupre

    Okay, now I’m in love with the concept of a doodle bomb!! 🙂

  • Tori Hamilton

    Doodle bombing is the bomb! So to speak 😉 Love how much creativity a doodle bomb requires!

  • Pat Kumicich

    I must admit, this is a first for me. I’ve never heard of a doodle bomb – looks like fun!

  • You come up with all these very interesting creative methods. Like them a lot!

    • lana

      Thanks Ruth! I try. : )

  • budgetjan

    It would be lovely to draw like this in a travel journal. 🙂

    • lana

      Fantastic idea Jan!