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The Guardian’s Big Draw Winners

The Guardian just announced the winners of their Big Draw Competition from November 2014. The contest was judged by Marian Deuchars (author/illustrator of Draw Paint Print like the Great Artists), and Sue Grayson Ford (founder of The Big Draw Drawing Festival). Young artists were asked to submit creations inspired by famous artists such as Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dali. Here are my favorite entries:

Inspired by Cubist Kazimir Malevich, 9 year-old Imogen Marinko created this amazingly sophisticated drawing. This graphically bold statement is a study in contrasts. The viewer is first drawn in by the simple, larger shapes, and then discovers the tiny whimsical doodles sprinkled throughout the composition. The movement created by the diagonally-placed shapes belies their simplicity and adds tension.

This watercolor diptych was painted by Daniel Shotkin—a 7 year-old! I’m so impressed his skill with a brush while channeling Renaissance master Titian to recreate his famous Self Portrait and Equestrian Portrait of Charles V.

 This gorgeous interpretation of Paul Klee is from Becca Heath, aged 14. It is apparent that the fun, vibrant colors caught the judges’ attention.

See the rest of The Guardian’s Big Draw Competition winners here.

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