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I Don’t Draw, I Color!

There are a few books I love because they capture the spirit of what I try to promote on Kid Can Doodle — a love of drawing. One is Laura Carlin’s A World of Your Own, part picture book, part how-to-draw manual. It is exactly the kind of drawing book I wished I’d written, for its fearless drawing philosophy. The other is I Don’t Draw, I Color! by Adam Lehrhaupt (Paula Wiseman Books), about a child with a knack for coloring. What really makes this book come alive is Felicita Sala’s vivid, expressive artwork. Take a look:

I Don’t Draw, I Color!

by Adam Lehrhaupt & illustrated by Felicita Sala


I don't draw I color

The child artist claims he’s not into drawing, “I don’t draw, I color.”

I don't draw I color

I don't draw I color

But as he shows us how he colors, we start to believe otherwise. We see that he actually has a colorful way of drawing. He knows how to express himself through color.

I don't draw I color

I don't draw I color

I think the image above of color bursting out of him/her is genius! I know that many people regard a “good” drawing to be representational, but as this story shows, there is more than one way we can draw well. It’s what we aim to show you on Kid Can Doodle, and one of the reasons why we love this book so much. The book also teaches us about color: how it can change mood, add drama, and how it can add vibrancy to our drawings.

Images from I Don’t Draw, I Color! by Adam Lehrhaupt with pictures by Felicita Sala, courtesy of the artist. To see more of Felicita’s work, please check out her website.

For more on color, please see our 3 & 1/2 Questions interview with Marion Deuchars, about her book, Color.

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  • This is wonderful, I want to get it for my son. This was me as a kid. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

    • @anxiousgeek:disqus I hope your son enjoys it too. I felt like many kids can relate to not feeling confident about drawing. cheers!

  • Lisa Pomerantz

    I love this book and I want it for my kids, well, really for me, but I promise to share it with them and read it to them, you know… Thank you for the lovely intro to this coloring book! <3 #KCACOLS xo

    • @lisapomerantz:disqus Haha! This made me laugh because I do the same thing all the time! Cheers.

  • This is fab and made me smile heheh!

    Have a doodletastic week and thanks for drawing by 🙂

    • @bethere2day:disqus Hope you have a fantastic weekend too!

  • Looks like a very colorful, cool book. Thanks for sharing!

    • @HBHL_Michelle:disqus Sure thing — It’s my pleasure. Thanks for stopping by.

  • pioneerpat1

    Very cool.

    • Thanks Pioneer Pat! Good to “see” you again!

  • Amy

    This is great, it shows that it is best to be yourself!
    Thanks so much for linking up with #kcacols. We hope you can join us next time

    • @disqus_YjgFbVFhuQ:disqus That’s a great message — definitely! Cheers!

  • tracey bowden

    This look fabulous. I’m not very artistic but I would love to give this style a try #kcacols

  • I love encouraging art in children. This sounds like a great resource. Thanks for sharing on the #LMMLinkup this week.