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#mermay doodle challenge

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#mermay is the instagram hashtag for a doodle challenge: to draw a mermaid each day in May.

To inspire you to doodle a mermaid, here are some of our favorites shared on instagram:

We like Sally Walker’s wet ink technique:

or Chubi’s digital doodle.

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You can use pencils …

A post shared by nat (nattanun) (@x2nat) on

… marker or pen …

… paints …

… a linocut engraving …

… or even pixels.

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Will your merfolk have finned features?

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Add details, like scales …

… or blooms to the tail/torso …

You can make your creature different with unique qualities: puffed-up bodies …

… or cat-fish lips.

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Flowers (or shells) in the hair are a nice touch:

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Don’t forget about mermen too.

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Give your mermaid a pet, like a merdog (or a mercat?).

You can make a fancy drawing with color …

… or a simple doodle like this one.

try thisNow go and doodle your own mermaids and mermen, and tag with #mermay. For more doodle challenges, check out our Weekly Doodle Challenge. Happy Doodling!


Please note: All art above is the copyright of their respective owners/artists.


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