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Pet Shop Primas paper dolls


Introducing Pet Shop Primas, our new fashionable friends: Katerina, the sleek feline, pretty pooch Paulina, and their sweet sidekick Hannah, the hamster. We wanted to create paper dolls in honor of New York’s Fashion Week and were inspired by the best-dressed bunny, Fifi Lapin, author of the book/blog What Shall I Wear Today?

When I was little, I often made my own paper dolls. I’d start by drawing my favorite model from teen magazines, and then create their clothes by tracing the figure while holding the papers up to a window. You can do this too—we’ve started the process for you. Just download one or all of the dolls below, print, color and cut them out to play with. To make additional clothes, you can use my cheap technique of taking another sheet of paper and place on top of one of the dolls, holding them both up to a well-lit window. Design a dress by carefully tracing the outline of the doll as you draw the garment. If you’re lucky enough to have a light-box, you can use that for better results. Take a look at the fantastic Fashion123 Student Show for more inspiration.

To download Paulina, click here.

To dress Katerina, click here.

And here for Hannah.


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