Call for Entries

Doodle Show Call for Entries

pen and postit

YAY! A new doodle show featuring everyone’s favorite doodle pad: Post-It notes! (It’s officially my son’s first-choice paper to draw on.) I also thought it would be fun to pair up with Draw On A Post-It, a Twitter gallery of Post-It doodles, to co-host this show.

draw on a postit notes art

Draw On A Post-it was created Ben Law Smith, an Art History graduate who wanted to engage more people in art and creativity. With Twitter, Ben encourages followers to share their doodles whatever their age, location or artistic ability — all you need is a Post-It note and a pen!

We thought all you doodlers would want to join in on the fun, too!

Tweet entries to @drawonapostit or @kidcandoodle or see instructions below to share your art with us!

Currently On View in our Gallery : “Doodlebomb” Show



December 31, 2017

Gallery submissions open to kids ages 12 and under only please.


Submission Guidelines


NEW way to submit art! Just post art on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the tags #penandpostit and @kidcandoodle!

You can scan artwork, or take a snapshot with your phone. If possible, please make the art image file:

1. No larger than 25cm or 10in (height or width)
2. No larger than 300 dpi or 20 megabytes
4. Saved with artist credit in name of file
Open to kids ages 12 and under only please.

Please note: we hope that these guidelines are helpful and don’t deter you from entering. If you’re not sure if your files are exactly right, just enter them anyway!