How to Draw Birds




Above is a video of me drawing pelicans in Wynnum, near the bay in Brisbane, Australia. Birds are probably one of the easiest things to draw, with the most charming results. They’re basically made up of 7 parts or shapes:


  1. the head; draw a circle
  2. body; add a larger oval
  3. wing(s); draw oval(s) with curved, tapered ends
  4. tail wing; make a narrow oval or rectangle
  5. legs & feet; stick lines indicate legs + feet; note the 4 toes/digits, 3 facing front, and 1 back
  6. beak, draw a triangle
  7. eye(s), add dot(s)

Some birds, such as pelicans or swans, have a long neck as well.

This is one of my favorite birds to draw: the barn owl.


questionCan you find the 7 parts in the bird sketches below?


Here’s how 15 different artists envision feathered friends. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to draw some too!


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