Drawn Out : Dominika Lipniewska


Yay! We have another guest for our Drawn Out : The Doodled Interview! This time we’re joined by Dominika Lipniewska, author/illustrator of Doodle Town (Tate Publishing). Take a look at her latest book:






Dominika created her first book, 100 Colouring Book for Tate Publishing after graduating from Central St Martin’s in London. Dominika’s graphic illustration style using simple shapes is the perfect backdrop for her latest book, Doodle Town. This dope doodle book allows you to create and color-in an imaginary town, and it’s a fun way to collaborate with the Dominika.


Drawn Out : with Domininka Lipniewska


1. Hi Dominika! What’s your favorite place, building or person in Doodle Town?



2. If you were mayor of Doodle Town, what would you do?



3. What did you want to be when you grew up?



4. Besides drawing, what super power or special talent would you like to have?



5. Where will your doodle adventures take you next?



Thanks for being our Doodle guest, Dominika!


Your imagination is needed to help create Doodle Town. Draw with Dominika in her second book! Get a copy of her book here.

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All art copyright Dominika Lipniewska and used with permission.


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