Doodle Bomb Show

doodlebomb show

Doodle Bomb Show


Our Doodle Bomb Show was for those of us who can’t resist “doodle bombing” — doodling mustaches on faces, or scribbling on photos in magazines or newspapers.

This show was inspired in part by these great doodles by Ana Strumpf:

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And THANKS to this tumblr blog for the name.

Claudi Kessels, a Kid Can Doodle friend, also continues to inspire us with her doodles on photos that become whimsical works of art. And we found lots of artists doodle-bombing on Snapchat too; the app allows you to doodle on photos, just like on your phone images. (We can’t resist doodle-bombing our photos).



Congratulations to Violet, age 8, who won all these doodle books!




Cheers to everyone who submitted doodle bombs! We enjoyed seeing them all! Our youngest doodler was Teaghan (4) and most experienced was Paul (12). It’s funny that sharks showed up in couple of doodles, and kudos to those who added some color (Carley, Dylan, Masha) to yours. We love that many of you enjoyed it so much that you shared more than one doodle bomb!


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Doodle Bomber : Claudi Kessels

Claudi Kessels art1

We’ve got one more doodle bomber to introduce to you: Claudi KesselsClaudi is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam. You’ve “met” her before, in our 3 1/2 Questions interview, way back when we were featuring Lollygadoodling.

Claudi Kessels art2

I’ve been a fan of her work ever since I happened upon her doodles on instagram, and her recent work fits in with the doodle bombing (doodling on magazine or newspaper photos) we’ve been featuring on KCD. What I love about her work is how whimsical and imaginative it is. Take a look at Claudi’s doodlebombs on vintage photographs:

Doodle bomber : Claudi Kessels


Claudi Kessels art5

(I especially adore the animal heads series)Claudi Kessels art7

Claudi Kessels art4

Claudi Kessels art9


Claudi Kessels art3

Claudi Kessels art6

And my personal favorite:Claudi Kessels art8

One more reason why we heart Claudi Kessels! She made a special doodle download just for us: Veggie Doodle. To get your copy, just sign up for doodle club at the top of the screen.


See more of Claudi Kessels’ doodles on instagram.
For doodle bomb tips, see Doodle Bomber Steph Dillon.

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Doodle Bomber : Steph Dillon


I love it when you stumble upon someone clever on social media. I found Claudi Kessels on instagram, and recently I discovered Steph Dillon there too.

Meet doodle bomber Steph Dillon


Steph is a designer and illustrator based in the area I grew up in — Orange County, California. For The 100 Day Project (an instagram challenge initiated by Elle Luna in which you select a theme to post for 100 days) Steph picked — you guessed it — doodle bombs!

In my favorite examples (so far), Steph shows us that suggesting stories, by adding characters, is the key to an engaging doodle bomb.

With a couple of dots, these droplets become dewey critters chatting on top of a leaf.



The symmetry of pairing these seagulls to keep the other one company is brilliant.



Picking an image that has some space, like this one, gives Steph the perfect place to add a kraken stowaway on this sailboat.



Who’s peeking behind the trees here? The bear gives personality to a quiet nature shot.



And patterns — the hallmark of doodling! — drawn on this teepee dresses it up. Love the reflections in the lake too.



Chomp! Chomp! I imagine that palm trees do look inviting to hungry bears.



Cuteness is always charming! I’m partial to this sweet kitty curled up in the Spring blossoms…



When creating your doodle bombs, select an uncluttered photo and think about what might add visual interest to the image.

Steph creates most of her doodle bombs digitally, using her iPad and stylus, but occasionally doodles the old fashioned way — with markers and magazines. Steph has a new coloring book out called Tiny Forest of Wishes (Blurb Publishing). Follow Steph Dillon on instagram to see the rest of her doodle bombs. Or find her here or here.

See also Doodle Bomber Ana Strumpf.


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Doodle Bomber : Ana Strumpf


Meet pro doodle bomber Ana Strumpf




Ana Strumpf, a designer and illustrator, is the creator and doodle bomber behind Re.Cover, an exhibit of doodled magazine covers using Sharpie and DecoColor markers.

Re.Cover grew out of Ana’s habit of doodling on magazines during meetings, and reflects her philosophy to “recreate, revisit, and recompose.”


As a girl, Ana wanted to become a painter, and has always loved drawing. I think it shows in her colorful doodles; they express a child-like sense of joy, and remind me of doodling on Peechee folders in school.










Ana’s covers were the inspiration for our own Doodlebomb show. We hope they inspire you to try doodle bombing too. Share your doodle bomb with us and you could win 10 imaginative doodle books on our list.

All images © Ana Strumpf


See also Doodle Bomber mirrorsme.


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Doodle Bomber : Amber Wheeler

Ethan top hat


Introducing Doodle Bomber : Amber Wheeler


Do you remember seeing Amber Wheeler’s fantastic doodle bombs of her baby Ethan a few years ago? They were an internet sensation. Blogged by Huffington Post, Bored Panda, and The Stir, the Minnesota Mom’s doodles delighted us all. We loved that with a digital pen, Amber turned her son into


a ninja



a cowboy



a farmer



a bathing beauty


Ethan_punk rocker

a metalhead



a superhero



an astronaut



a sea explorer



a rockstar


I think these pictures were so popular because like baby Ethan, we all aspire to greatness, and these images embodied that hope. And because doodle bombing is just silly.


Images via Amber Wheeler


See also Doodle Bomber mirrorsme.


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Doodle Bomber : mirrorsme


Meet the Magical Doodle Bomber : mirrorsme

If you haven’t already seen mirrorsme ’s fantastical selfies on instagram, you’re in for a treat!


Norwegian artist Helene Meldahl, aka mirrorsme, doodle bombs herself in a mirror, transporting herself from her washroom into another world with her imagination and markers.


The Washington DC-based Helene, a “born doodler,” has taken social media by storm with her art — having been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America,, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and now, Kid Can Doodle!


Helene told Buzzfeed that her doodles evolved from lipstick messages that she often left on her roommates’ mirrors.


“At the time I was writing my bachelor thesis in entrepreneurship,” she said, “and I guess it was some sort of procrastination.”



The doodles are made with Posca pens (markers made with water-based paints) that wash off easily from the slick, reflective surface.


Looks like Ms Meldahl is also an aspiring actress, or a bit of a ham, perhaps? Either way, she’s having a blast doodling, and you can see why we’re absolutely enchanted by her magical pictures!


Follow her on instagram and see more of her doodle-bombs here.

All images © mirrorsme, Helene Meldahl.


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Field Notes doodle download


Field Notes doodle download


Our Field Notes doodle download was inspired by Claudi Kessels’ charming nature doodle bombs.* What began as an instagram challenge has become an iconic part of Claudi’s illustration work. We were even lucky to chat with Claudi Kessels in our 3 1/2 Questions.

*What’s a doodle bomb, you ask? Doodle bombing is when you draw over photos, magazines or newspapers. We have a Gallery Show Call for Entries called “Doodle Bomb,” and we hope to see yours!



Claudi’s doodles looked so fun, we thought that we needed to give it a go! We took some photos from our backyard, and created a doodle download for you to play along.

Click on the Field Notes image below to download. Print, then fold the page in half twice, to create a mini booklet of Field Notes doodles.


fold1 fold2

If you need more inspiration, please check out Claudi Kessels’ work here.

Please note that by downloading our Field Notes, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Artwork by Claudi Kessels is © Claudi Kessels and used by permission.


Happy Doodling!


psst . . . Make sure to subscribe to kidcandoodle (above) for an exclusive doodle download created by Claudi Kessels!

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