Doodle Bomber : Claudi Kessels

Claudi Kessels art1

We’ve got one more doodle bomber to introduce to you: Claudi KesselsClaudi is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam. You’ve “met” her before, in our 3 1/2 Questions interview, way back when we were featuring Lollygadoodling.

Claudi Kessels art2

I’ve been a fan of her work ever since I happened upon her doodles on instagram, and her recent work fits in with the doodle bombing (doodling on magazine or newspaper photos) we’ve been featuring on KCD. What I love about her work is how whimsical and imaginative it is. Take a look at Claudi’s doodlebombs on vintage photographs:

Doodle bomber : Claudi Kessels


Claudi Kessels art5

(I especially adore the animal heads series)Claudi Kessels art7

Claudi Kessels art4

Claudi Kessels art9


Claudi Kessels art3

Claudi Kessels art6

And my personal favorite:Claudi Kessels art8

One more reason why we heart Claudi Kessels! She made a special doodle download just for us: Veggie Doodle. To get your copy, just sign up for doodle club at the top of the screen.


See more of Claudi Kessels’ doodles on instagram.
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Doodle Bomber : Ana Strumpf


Meet pro doodle bomber Ana Strumpf




Ana Strumpf, a designer and illustrator, is the creator and doodle bomber behind Re.Cover, an exhibit of doodled magazine covers using Sharpie and DecoColor markers.

Re.Cover grew out of Ana’s habit of doodling on magazines during meetings, and reflects her philosophy to “recreate, revisit, and recompose.”


As a girl, Ana wanted to become a painter, and has always loved drawing. I think it shows in her colorful doodles; they express a child-like sense of joy, and remind me of doodling on Peechee folders in school.










Ana’s covers were the inspiration for our own Doodlebomb show. We hope they inspire you to try doodle bombing too. Share your doodle bomb with us and you could win 10 imaginative doodle books on our list.

All images © Ana Strumpf


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