Frida Kahlo doodle download

portraits with Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is one of the world’s most popular and recognizable artists. Frida drew and painted many self portraits throughout her life. This coloring download is an excerpt from an upcoming mini doodle zine kidcandoodle doodling: Frida Portraits, both inspired by Frida’s life and work from Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up, an exhibition exploring

“a fresh perspective on Kahlo’s compelling life story through her most intimate personal belongings”


at Victoria and Albert Museum, London (through Nov 18 2018).

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Dinosaurs Don’t Draw : doodle download

Dinosaurs Don’t Draw


Dinosaurs Don’t Draw . . . or do they? Elli Woollard and Steven Lenton show us a prehistoric reptile who does doodle in their newest book, Dinosaurs Don’t Draw (published by Macmillan Children’s Books).

Dinosaurs Don't Draw spread1

“Dinosaurs don’t draw, they stamp and stomp and ROAR! But there’s one little dinosaur who’s not like the others – he’s not fierce and he doesn’t fight! Instead he draws, on everything, all of the time. His romping, stomping dinosaur family just don’t understand. But when everyone hears the THUD of a terrifying T-Rex, they soon see just how powerful pictures can be.”


Dinosaurs Don't Draw spread2

Illustrator Steven Lenton has created some fun doodling pages so you can doodle along with this Picassaur. You can click on the images below to download the doodle pages.

Dinosaurs Don't Draw download1
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All images ©Steven Lenton and courtesy of the artist.


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Doodle Bugs : doodle download

Doodle Bugs is a doodle activity originally created for our second mini mag, themed “In Your Garden” (hopefully coming soon with any luck!) With Spring in the air, and the warming weather, it seemed like the perfect time to doodle bugs.

Have you ever noticed that some bugs have silly names like “robber fly” or “royal walnut moth?” In this doodle challenge, you’ll have to draw some funny-sounding insects. Click on the image below or here to download Doodle Bugs. Happy doodling!


Please NOTE: By downloading Doodle Bugs, you agree to these terms.

If you get stuck, there are answers below. SPOILERS BELOW!
Flamingo-tongue snail  Christmas tree worm  Tomato Horn worm
Wolf spider  Ladybird  Rabbit Bot Fly


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Doodle Halves : doodle download

doodle halves header

Doodle Halves download created by @EmilDrawing


This Doodle Halves download comes to us from 11 year-old Emil de Graaf, an avid doodler, and his clever mom. To inspire her talented son to create, Emil’s mom cropped photos she found and challenged him to doodle-bomb* the missing half.

dogs and cats cropped

image before (above)


A post shared by Emil de Graaf (@emildrawing) on

Emil’s doodle-bombed image


We discovered Emil’s excellent drawings on instagram and asked him if he would share them with our kidcandoodle community and we’re so happy he agreed!

image before (above)


A post shared by Emil de Graaf (@emildrawing) on

Emil’s doodle-bombed image


Click here to download the Doodle Halves pages for you to doodle-bomb*. Please note that by downloading, you agree to our terms.

Check out more of Emil’s drawings on his instagram.

*Doodle-bomb means doodling on top of another image, such as a magazine or newspaper photo. See our Doodle Bomb gallery, features on doodle bombers: Steph Dillon, mirrorsme, Claudi Kessels, or Ana Strumpf.


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Field Notes doodle download


Field Notes doodle download


Our Field Notes doodle download was inspired by Claudi Kessels’ charming nature doodle bombs.* What began as an instagram challenge has become an iconic part of Claudi’s illustration work. We were even lucky to chat with Claudi Kessels in our 3 1/2 Questions.

*What’s a doodle bomb, you ask? Doodle bombing is when you draw over photos, magazines or newspapers. We have a Gallery Show Call for Entries called “Doodle Bomb,” and we hope to see yours!



Claudi’s doodles looked so fun, we thought that we needed to give it a go! We took some photos from our backyard, and created a doodle download for you to play along.

Click on the Field Notes image below to download. Print, then fold the page in half twice, to create a mini booklet of Field Notes doodles.


fold1 fold2

If you need more inspiration, please check out Claudi Kessels’ work here.

Please note that by downloading our Field Notes, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Artwork by Claudi Kessels is © Claudi Kessels and used by permission.


Happy Doodling!


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