Experimental Media : Ikea bits


Experimental Media


Drawing with IKEA bits

This year, I thought I’d challenge myself to doodle with a different medium each week. Some materials will be traditional drawing implements, such as markers or crayons, but others will be more experimental.

We’ve featured artists who have played with unusual ingredients: Claudi Kessels (nature), Javier Pérez (corn chips) or Justin Garnsworthy (plastic), so it’s not new, but it’s fun to try new things, mix it up, and see things in a different way.

For my first try, I happened to have many IKEA bits lying around (we just moved across the planet, from Australia to England), so here’s how I used them in my drawings:

dog drawing with IKEA bits

drawing of boy sneezing made with IKEA bits

drawing with IKEA bits of a man juggling

drawing of a bee with IKEA bits

drawing with IKEA bits of a whistler

This last one is by Little Dude:

cat in a car doodle with IKEA bits

What I learned

I enjoyed doodling with the bits — they instantly add character and liven up drawings. I was less precious with technique and creating something realistic, especially because the screws tend to roll around, so it’s a bit more spontaneous and fresh.

trythisNext time you draw, think of ways to add the pencils or eraser to your drawing. How about combining your toys to complement your art? Lego pieces or doll clothes would be great! Have fun and check back to see what we play with next week.


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