Experimental Media : weeks 3 & 4

experimental Media3

Experimental Media


Week 3 : noodles

Yoon Chang, from Fashion123, suggested my next medium: ramen noodles! I thought it was fitting for Lunar New Year (I’m a bit behind on my posts).

My doodles were inspired by the noodles themselves. . .

Noodles look a bit like curly blonde hair


Or a squirrel’s fluffy tail


Or a solicitor’s wig


Or waves in the sea. The flavor packet resembled a sail on a boat, and it’s the Year of the Fire Monkey.



Week 4 : candy

This is a throwback to our Lollygadoodling gallery show last year, a term I coined for doodling with candy. Since it was nearly Valentine’s Day, I thought it was a perfect excuse to visit our neighborhood candy store (Little Dude’s favorite).






Little Dude joined me and contributed a couple — can you tell which ones?

Have we inspired you to try doodling with food yet? It’s actually a very popular medium, which I hope to feature in a future post!

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Lolly gagging + doodling = a delectable drawing experiment. It was the first show incorporating objects into our art, inspired by Christoph’s gummy bears and Javier’s tortilla chipped-doodles. There’s lots of sweet sketching in this show, but tasty treats included Tom’s lolly-turned-bot-blast, Piper-Rose’s chocolate-kissed raccoon, and Allegra’s candy-covered balloons. Thanks to all our artists for sharing their work.

Congratulations to Hannah and Reuben (as well as Ally) for winning Taro Gomi’s books.

Next up: For our first show of 2015, it’s all about you! We’d love to see your Selfies!