GR2 Post-It Note Show

The Post-It Note Show has been a Giant Robot tradition for 13 years now at their GR2 Gallery on Sawtelle Boulevard in Los Angeles. Every December, artists from around the globe contribute mini works of art that can be purchased for a mere $25/post-it note. Artists who have participated in the past have included The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening, Audrey Kawasaki, Renee French, and Joey Chou. The Post-It Note Show was conceived and curated by artists (and husband and wife team) Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson.

Giant Robot is a brand that also includes a magazine about Asian-American pop culture, and a store selling items from comics to plush toys. The owner Erik Nakamura says:

“Just because it’s a Post-it doesn’t mean the work is lower quality.”


In fact, every year artists try to exceed the gallery attendees’ expectations by using paint, pencils, pen, and scissors. Two artists who have used shears in their work this year are Chris Lyles and Bryan Park. Nakamura believes the humble Post-It Note makes the show accessible to a wide audience. The sticky notepad is available at any supermarket and stationery store, and can be doodled on by everyone (hint hint. . . even you!). There are no frames at the show, and the low sticker price enables collectors of all ages and backgrounds to grab a favorite piece or two.

As you can see below, the work is as varied as the artists who created them.

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“Nonchalant” – acrylic on 3” x 3” post-it

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Some post its for #postitshow @giantrobot . I’ve been liking cut paper lately !

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Make some waves! ???#mermaid #jsongdesign #buddles #postitshow #giantrobot

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Do you feel inspired to doodle on Post-It Notes now? We hope so! At Kid Can Doodle, we’re having our own Post-It Note Show. Grab a pad and draw some fabulous entries for Pen & Post-It doodle show. Just share your doodles by tagging #penandpostit on social media (deadline is December 31, 2017). Hope to see your doodles!

All art copyright their respective owners. Additional information via LA Weekly.


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