Splat Faces

This silly book inspired “Splat Faces.” “What’s a Splat Face”, you ask?


Jon Burgerman, the avid doodler with a funny name, created SPLAT! (Dial Books / Oxford University Press), a messy mashup of drawn ingredients that is a mix of icky and absurd that never fails to incite laughter in young kids.



The book served the perfect starting point for some silly creativity. After reading Jon Burgerman’s Splat! to students at an after-school art club, the children and I made Splat Faces.

We drew our self-portraits on the right side of a folded sheet of paper, and dropped a dollop of paint on the left side. We splatted our pictures by folding the paper in half. The kids loved the result and many wanted to try it again. Splatting our drawn selves with paint is messy fun. There’s an accidental quality to it that is fun to see the “reveal” — how the paint blob will add to the drawing.

I hope you’ll give it a try. For more doodling ideas, check out Weekly Doodle Challenge.

All art copyrighted by their respective owners and used with permission.


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