SuperLunchNotes Post-It doodles


Brett Almond must be a really cool dad. Because, how awesome would it be to get these super notes in your lunchbox?

It all started when he wanted to give his son a boost on his first day of preschool (how sweet, right?), so he planted a doodled Post-It in his son’s lunch box. His son loved it so much, he decided to keep it up for the entire week.

More than 2 years later, he’s still sending lunch notes, and they’re all archived on his Instagram.

The Designer Daddy often draws his son’s favorite characters, and sometimes lets him suggest the caricature or message. We see that his son is a fan of superheroes and other familiar faces in pop-culture, and we’re a fan of these hand-drawn love notes. Follow Brent Almond on Instagram or see his also super blog.

Hope these Post-It doodles will inspire you to create your own! Don’t forget to enter it in our new Doodle Show, Pen & Post-It. Just doodle on a Post-It note, share on twitter or instagram and tag #penandpostit .

Story via Buzzfeed. All images via Brent Almond @superlunchnotes.


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