Vincent Bal’s Shadow Doodles

At Kid Can Doodle, we’re always celebrating new and fun ways to draw. A few weeks ago, we shared a wonderful doodle idea from innovative Dad Lab : Shadow Tracing, tracing shadows cast by objects in the sunlight. Take a look at the video below:

video shared from The Dad Lab’s youtube channel


Then we discovered that Belgian filmmaker and illustrator Vincent Bal takes doodling with shadows to a whole new level! Take a look at some of his whimsical doodles:

vincent bal-12



vincent bal-5

vincent bal-6



vincent bal-3

vincent bal-1
Vincent’s doodles have earned him a huge following on instagram.
My favorites are the ones featuring animals or leaves. Which do you like?
I hope these will inspire you to doodle with sunlight and shadows, too! For more fun doodle ideas, check out our Weekly Doodle Challenge.
You can see more shadow doodles on Vincent Bal’s instagram. His doodles are also available for purchase on Vincent Bal’s etsy store.

Story via This is Colossal | images all copyright of the artist Vincent Bal


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