Doodle Bomb Show

doodlebomb show

Doodle Bomb Show


Our Doodle Bomb Show was for those of us who can’t resist “doodle bombing” — doodling mustaches on faces, or scribbling on photos in magazines or newspapers.

This show was inspired in part by these great doodles by Ana Strumpf:

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And THANKS to this tumblr blog for the name.

Claudi Kessels, a Kid Can Doodle friend, also continues to inspire us with her doodles on photos that become whimsical works of art. And we found lots of artists doodle-bombing on Snapchat too; the app allows you to doodle on photos, just like on your phone images. (We can’t resist doodle-bombing our photos).



Congratulations to Violet, age 8, who won all these doodle books!




Cheers to everyone who submitted doodle bombs! We enjoyed seeing them all! Our youngest doodler was Teaghan (4) and most experienced was Paul (12). It’s funny that sharks showed up in couple of doodles, and kudos to those who added some color (Carley, Dylan, Masha) to yours. We love that many of you enjoyed it so much that you shared more than one doodle bomb!


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Feature with a Creature Show


Our latest kids’ drawing show, Feature with a Creature, had a goofy premise: drawing animals in everyday human situations. Picture a giraffe going potty or an octopus brushing his teeth! We even created a doodle game especially for this Show & Tell to help you come up with silly scenarios.

With each show, there’s a balance between suggesting a theme, and not being too restrictive. We had an underwhelming amount of submissions for this one, so I wonder if it was a bit high-concept for some. On the flip side, I was able to share one of Gemma Correll’s Doodling Books (THANKS Walter Foster Publishing) with each household of participating artists.

Thanks again to all of our contributing artists! We really love seeing your work.


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Doodle Your Dad


This doodle show was inspired by a blog post I had seen of daddy drawings. I thought it would be fun to do the same, so we asked you to doodle your Dad for Father’s Day, and you delivered these wonderful drawings. Thanks to all the doodlers who shared their Dads with us.



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