Jr Art Critic Retrospective Show


When a friend told me about the “Jr Art Critic,” I knew we had to do a feature about her. Siri Jackson may be only 7, but she’s passionate about art and has been drawing and making for several years. Her mother, Anika, often took her to art exhibitions and gallery shows, and because Siri wasn’t shy about sharing her opinions on art, Tammy Dowe, owner of Esperson Art Gallery, dubbed her the gallery’s Jr Art Critic.

We asked the Jr Art Critic for her take on a few famous contemporary works:


On Monkeys (Chair) © Jeff Koons2003:

“I like monkey art, this sculpture is joyful and funny. It makes me happy.
I would like to have it in my bedroom.”



Regarding Such Cute Flowers by Takashi Murakami, 2010:

“This is so flowery, happy, and colorful. But it looks like the flowers are squished together. It is crowded and overwhelming. I don’t like it.”


Ai-Weiwei-LEGO-Alcatraz-portraits-2photo credit: Thor Swift for The New York Times

About the Lego portraits, Trace by Ai Wei Wei, 2014:

“This art is great for Legos — life-like and captured realistic images while adding color. I like it and the creativity, but it is not something I would want to own.”


And regarding her first retrospective show, Siri says, “It was exciting to be creative and let my dreams come through my art. I started taking art classes when I was five years old, because I was always drawing and creating. My favorite thing to draw is designs from nature. My favorite media are paints and markers. I don’t like art that focuses on one thing, it can get quite boring. For instance, if it just trees and a meadow. It would be more fun if there were animals in the nature.”

Her favorite artists include David Addickes, GONZO247, and Kelley Devine. She cites her art teachers at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s Glassell Junior School as her inspiration, especially Donna Garoh.

You can follow the Jr Art Critic on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks Siri for sharing your work with us!


All images courtesy of the artist Siri Jackson unless noted.


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