Dinosaurs Don’t Draw : doodle download

Dinosaurs Don’t Draw


Dinosaurs Don’t Draw . . . or do they? Elli Woollard and Steven Lenton show us a prehistoric reptile who does doodle in their newest book, Dinosaurs Don’t Draw (published by Macmillan Children’s Books).

Dinosaurs Don't Draw spread1

“Dinosaurs don’t draw, they stamp and stomp and ROAR! But there’s one little dinosaur who’s not like the others – he’s not fierce and he doesn’t fight! Instead he draws, on everything, all of the time. His romping, stomping dinosaur family just don’t understand. But when everyone hears the THUD of a terrifying T-Rex, they soon see just how powerful pictures can be.”


Dinosaurs Don't Draw spread2

Illustrator Steven Lenton has created some fun doodling pages so you can doodle along with this Picassaur. You can click on the images below to download the doodle pages.

Dinosaurs Don't Draw download1
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All images ©Steven Lenton and courtesy of the artist.


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