3 & 1/2 Questions: BoyGirlParty


Susie Ghahremani (pronounced “Gair-uh-mah-nee”) is the amazing talent behind BoyGirlParty: the brand for her illustration work and uniquely-drawn gifts. I would equate her artistic sensibility to a folksy, woodland wonderland, evident from her muted, cool palette and stylized depiction of animals and nature.

I recently saw her work as part of an exhibition for IRL Digital Festival at Brisbane Powerhouse curated by LA Gallery Iam8Bit, and was reminded that her work would be perfect to show as part of our focus on Nature. Happily, she agreed! Here’s our 3 & 1/2 Questions for Susie.


Your work often incorporates a pattern or recurring motifs. We’re curious if there was an inspiration for this?

The patterns and motifs come from those I observe in the wild (like the intricate feathering on a bird) combined with my background as a crafter — the way varying patterns combine together to form a cohesive design, as in a quilt or Japanese woodblock print!


You have a stylized way of drawing nature. Do you still use reference or is much of your work imagined?

Both! Usually it’s imagined. Typically I’ll reference nature and draw it in my sketchbook to study forms and features to develop my version of it.


Are there any creatures or plants that you find challenging to draw?

Large, distant fields of grass are tricky for me, because I want to draw every blade with utter clarity and detail!


Please complete this sentence: I like to draw ____.

Animals (clearly)!
They’re curious and relatable, independent of age, race or gender. Animals represent us all.


Love that answer — thanks for sharing your work with us Susie! Check out more BoyGirlParty and Susie’s shop here.

All artwork courtesy BoyGirlParty


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