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The Line : A Colouring Book

The Line: A Colouring Book by Alice Bowsher

I wanted to show you this cool NEW coloring book called The Line: A Colouring Book featuring charming illustrations by UK-based illustrator Alice Bowsher, who is fabulous at drawing with a paint brush. It’s published by Cicada, a boutique publisher in London specializing in high quality art and design books, such as this one and Draw Me a House.


The coloring book’s figurative red Line extends to the elastic band that wraps around the book.


It’s fun to follow the cast of characters that interact with the Line leading you through the book.


There’s plenty of places to doodle some critters of your own too.


Oh no! Don’t get tangled up in the Line!


A sweet coloring book indeed! The book officially comes out July 28, 2015, but you can pick up your copy here now or pre-order here. (I found mine at the Gallery of Modern Art bookstore in Brisbane).

See more of Alice Bowsher’s books here.



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