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Valentine’s Day treat box


Valentine’s Day Treat Box

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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days. Maybe it’s a silly holiday, but when I was growing up in the US, I loved giving and getting the little love notes from my classmates. In Australia (where we moved to) and in England (where we currently reside), it’s not really celebrated in schools, so you can’t buy those mini packaged valentines at the store. As a result, my sons and I have made it a tradition to make our own. Here’s a few examples of valentines we’ve made in the past.


Above from left: Little Dude putting stickers on the lolly cards; fairy cookies in stitched envelopes.


smileThis year we’re doodling these candy cubes, and you can too. Just download this treat box template, decorate, cut out, fold and fill with candy to give to your sweeties. I recommend printing it out on heavier paper stock so that the box is strong enough to hold the goodies.



Click on the above preview to download.


Need more ideas? Here’s 90 more here and 30 more here.

Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!


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